The SecureRF Range has evolved over years of specialist applications to provide the most reliable system of monitoring functions. We offer a wide range of RF sensors to meet the growing concerns of the transportation industry. Our door sensor will monitor the opening and closing of the door (including wireless connection of the door seal to the cab). We offer the first wireless temperature sensor designed to meet the needs of the logistics industry - TempRF. We offer a range of individual sensors which can be used to monitor motion, multiple temperature zones and door and/or seal openings and closings.

Wide range of compatibilities: The different RF connection channel compatibilities were developed specially for reliable data connection for logistics and commercial applications including: 868 MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz. Additionally, our sensors can connect to your telematics, in-cab device, satellite or in-house software.

The SecureRF range provides the most comprehensive range of self-powered wireless monitoring equipment on the market. Our engineers have Incorporated the latest wireless technology for a range of receiving options for data collection: in-cab, gatehouse or delivery points, or direct from trailers or other unpowered assets.

The comprehensive range of receivers and data collection makes it simpler to integrate the data into existing or stand-alone interface options. This allows seamless data feed to any telematics or existing incab device. SecureID will capture data and the arrival/departure points through the wall-mounted DataHub - or the data collected directly from the trailer or unpowered asset can be sent to a bespoke web-based portal. Whatever your wireless monitoring needs, SecureSeal Systems has an answer.


- TempRF - a wireless temperature sensor
- Seal RF - advanced wireless SecureSeal monitoring
- BeaconRF - RF tag for wireless asset monitoring
- DoorRF - a wireless door sensor to monitor door opening and closing

- RS232 receiver universal power input
- RS232 PCB
- DataHub - gatehouse data collection
- SecureTemp in-cab LCD display

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