The SecureSeal is a long life reusable security seal producing random number security codes. It provides tamper evidence security for all types of vehicles and trailers. SecureSeal is specified by trailer builders, major supermarket fleets, logistics companies and other leading retailers around the globe.

  • Tamper Evident
  • Reduces administration costs and time compared to disposable seals
  • Guaranteed reliability - up to 50,000 operations
  • Easy to install - No maintenance or servicing required.
  • No batteries.
  • Can be used in conjunction with SealRF or the Logger for an audit trail.

Why would I use SecureSeal over disposable or electronic seals?

SecureSeal provides the best ROI reusable seal when calculated over the life of the product, and /or the life of the vehicle. The SecureSeal product will operate beyond the mechanism guarantee of 50,000 operations, which is equivalent to a vehicle using 13 seals per day, 365 days per year for 10 years producing an equivalent individual seal cost of less than quarter of a penny per sealing. Due to its high quality stainless steel contruction, it is extremely robust. There are no batteries and it creates no environmental debris.

What Security Procedures should I follow when using a SecureSeal?

It is important to follow standard security measures when using any tamper-evident seal. Vulnerabilities of different seals and security protocols when using the SecureSeal are discussed here.

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A self-powered customisable device that is attached to a SecureSeal to provide an audit trail of seal activity – a log of date and time stamp for temperature, door opening and closing, etc.

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Where a barrier seal is required, the Secureloc version is the perfect answer: Secureloc contains all the security features of the SecureSeal but may only be opened with a dedicated key. It's the ideal alternative to using a padlock.

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Ideal for lease hire vehicles, this version of the SecureSeal comes with a mounting plate enabling the seal to be intermittently locked in place and removed with ease. Once the seal is locked in place it can only be removed by the use of a key.

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